Winter Preludes EP (CD)
Winter Preludes EP (CD)

Winter Preludes EP (CD)

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Listen on CD to Prof. Lacasse's beautiful piano music inspired by the Quebec Winters.

1. Falling Snow
2. Cold Winds
3. Moon

A few months ago I was inspired by our Quebec Winter and thought I should write piano music that would express some of the feelings we often associate with the cold season.

So I'm happy to offer you my new EP, Winter Preludes, featuring three new pieces:

Inspired by these large snowflakes that land in silence, “Falling Snow” arouses contemplation and reflexivity. The repeated arpeggios heard in “Cold Winds”, that support the above haunting melody, evoke the assaults of Winter winds, but also the whirling blowing snow they stir up. “Moon” portrays the bluish light of Winter nights, its delicacy, but mostly the quiet solitude we have always associated with our Moon.

Click the button above to get the CD, or follow this link to download or stream Winter Preludes. 

Prof. Lacasse