I am happy to welcome you in this new blog that I would like to devote to quotes related to music. Indeed, while there are many music quotes circulating in the Internet many of them have emerged from specific contexts that are not necessarily well-known. Their actual sources are also often unclear or incomplete. Because of this lack of contextual information, some quotes might be outright misleading by not telling the whole story around its creation. Also, many of these quotes may rise some issues or even provoke intense debates.

Accordingly, we have decided to offer a space of reflection and exchange around these quotes. A few times a month my colleagues and I will be devoting a post to a specific quote that will also appear on a new item in the Prof. Lacasse Boutique: a T-Shirt, a mug, etc. I hope this will lead visitors to take this opportunity for reflecting upon music and its richness.

For this week's opening post I would simply like to invite you to check out the new "I ♥ Piano" T-Shirt.

So see you soon for our first real "Music Quotes Discussion"!

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